Is Jessica Biel the Wonder Woman?

Jessica BielJessica Biel

The rumours around who’s going to be playing Wonder Woman are back in the headlines, it sems that, Jessica Biel is is up for it. We’re talking about the Justice League movie.

Jessica Biel is in talks to lasso up as Wonder Woman in Warner Bros.’ all-star superhero film “Justice League of America.”
Potential deal marks the first piece of casting to emerge from the DC Comics-based ensemble project, which is expected to feature Superman, Batman, the Flash and Aquaman in addition to Wonder Woman.The studio declined comment, saying that it prefers to announce an entire cast rather than piecemeal deals. (Source)

She seems to be the right choice for the part, considering that she has some muscles on her. And let’s be honest now, who doesn’t want to see her in that that famous tiara?

Jessica BielJessica BielJessica Biel

Jessica BielJessica Biel

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  1. Hello, my comment on jessica biel to play Wonder woman, i believe she has what it takes, i mean just look at how she handled herself in blade trinity3, she was sexy,she had that tomboyish attitude, she’s spunky,smart, i truly believe she is the right woman for the part. and not only that, but she is beautiful. so next time if you have any other actresses to play superhero role, email me and i’ll let you know, so until then good day. thank you! MARCELL SMITH

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