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  1. Jen you are a true natural beauty (appearance) but from what I read and hear, you are a beautiful person on the inside as well. I can’t believe that you are still single. This proves my point, men want trashy women not classy women. They always think with their small heads. Just look at what happened to what’s his name? He looks like Osama Bin Ladin, dirty, greasy, sleazy, like his biker/tatooed anorexic wh—. Please no more kids!!!!! There are enough screwed up people out there. Poor Shiloh is neglected and thinks she’s a boy ……wonder why mommy dearest?

    Jen I hope you find a real man like Gerard Butler that will love, cherish, and worship the ground you walk on. You deserve only the best.

    We love you and wish you much happiness.

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