Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil: ExtinctionResident Evil: Extinction

A just came back from the cinema, and i don’t have much to say about this movie. I never played the game, so i’m looking at this forth release, from a series that was supposed to be a trilogy, from a non gamer point of view. I’ll skip the comments on the almost non-existing plot, and the fact that the zombies and the Umbrella Corporation were the only things to link back to the other three, and i’ll tell you this: It was great watching Milla Jovovich kick zombie ass, and if you want to see a movie that jumps out and scares you, you’ll like it.
Other than that, it has a weird and inconclusive ending, so we’ll probably see another sequel.
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Saw IV

Saw IVSaw IV

They actually made the forth movie of the SAW series. I thought, and mostly hoped that they would stop at SAW III, but no, we have SAW IV, out in October. I honestly think that this is going to be better than III, i mean you just can’t go worse. I loved the first one, it had that new concept advantage. The second one was somewhat ok, i really enjoyed Jigsaw’s monologue about life, and living it.

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