Alessandra Ambrosio in a pink bikini at St. Barths


Alessandra Ambrosio Top Model, on vacation in the Caribbean. The Brazilian, with Polish-Italian roots is one of the highest paid supermodels in the world. Alessandra is best known as the Angel of the laundry mark Victoria `s Secret.Die now 28-year-old was 2008 Nuts and sped down a little later again on the catwalk.

On St. Barth’s shocked the slim beauty now another five pounds lighter than usual. Anorexia nervosa? Beautiful is certainly something else.

Not many images, but still, enjoy!

Nina Dobrev From The Vampire Diaries

Here’s 21 year old actress Nina Dobrev, the star of The Vampire Diaries TV show. Bulgarian by origin, moved to Toronto Canada at the age of two, and man did she grow up to be a beauty. After looking at this photo shoot, I’m considering checking out her show, even though I don’t watch that vampire tv show crap. Had my try with True Blood, that lasted for about 15 minutes in the pilot…

Penelope Cruz to be a Pirate

Penelope Cruz, also known as one of the hottest women that’s ever lived, is rumored as being sought after for the next “Pirates of The Caribbean” film. With Kiera Knightley dropping out along with Orlando Bloom, will Penelope Cruz be Johnny Depp’s newest shipmate in Rob Marshall’s take on the “Pirates” franchise? That is the rumor, and as much as I’m a fan of Keira Knightley, i think i prefere Penelope’s more voluptuous body. Saw her in Nine, the movie, and she left me wanting for more. So I can’t wait to see her as a pirate 🙂

And of course, to get a glipse of what we’re about to see, enjoy the gallery.