Is Jessica Biel the Wonder Woman?

The rumours around who’s going to be playing Wonder Woman are back in the headlines, it sems that, Jessica Biel is is up for it. We’re talking about the Justice League movie. Jessica Biel is in talks to lasso up as Wonder Woman in Warner Bros.’ all-star superhero film “Justice League of America.” Potential deal […]

Elisha Cuthbert Won’t Pose Nude

She says she’ll only do it on camera, and only if it’s absolutely necessary. And yes, she currently calls for a body double whenever nudity is needed. Now is this bad news or what? Playboy Magazine has been trying to convince her, but with no luck. Till they do, here are some cute pics her… […]

Angelina Jolie at Ocean’s 13 Premiere

Here’s some pictures of Angelina Jolie at the Ocean’s Thirteen premiere in Cannes. When she’s not too busy saving the world, adopting another 3’rd world baby, or any of the other noble things she does, here she is on that red carpet, posing sexy as usual. Enjoy the pics!