Emmanuelle Chriqui got boobs

As promised, I’m back with a collection of Emmanuelle Chriqui pictures, focused on those horrifyingly sexy breasts. I started writing this post before actually looking for the pictures, because i was sure I’d come across some interesting ones. And here they are, Emmanuelle Chriqui’s boobs at their best. She started to climb up my polls […]

Emmanuelle Chriqui’s GQ Photoshoot

When you hear of Entourage, you think of the popular HBO series, you think of the fantastic life actors have, and of course the beautiful women that surround the movie business. So, if we think of Entourage, we think of Emmanuelle Chriqui, the superb canadian actress that blows your mind. I’ve decided to do a […]

Christina Aguilera ruins a see through moment

Correct me if i am wrong, but this kind of see through clothing was created exactly for seeing through them right? Christina Aguilera manages to ruin such a moment by wearing a bra or whatever, while walking around in Venice Beach. Not that I’m dying to see her boobies, but I bet there are fans […]

Megan Fox is a sexy Cheerleader

Here’s Megan Fox on the set of her movie Jennifer’s Body. She plays a hot and disturbed cheerleader who kills her classmates. Her male classmates that is. Not sure how horrifying this movie really is, I mean being killed by Megan Fox shouldn’t be frightening, it should rather be erotic. 🙂 Don’t you agree? Some […]