Nicole, hold on to your boob!

Yet another MTV European Music Awards, this time about Nicole Scherzigner and her boob. She’s very hot, i’ll give her that, but she made a mistake wearing that pink dress. It does suite her, and she looks absolutely great in it, but she can’t make a move without her boobs desperately trying to get out […]

Avril Lavigne at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007

Avril Lavigne attended the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 in Munich Germany, and she actually won: Most Addictive Track and the coveted award for Solo Artist of 2007 This is my first post about Avril, not because I didn’t have what to say about her, but I’m not very fond of her. Don’t really know […]

Megan Fox at the 11th Annual Hollywood Awards

Some pics of Megan Fox at the awards. Looking hot as always, she’s gonna be th next big thing, if she’s not already. 🙂 While searching for these photos, i stumbled upon some old photos of Megan, from 2003 i think. Enjoy all of them! Bonus Gallery with Old Photos: